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Rosa Navarrete

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Region VIII
National Playwriting Program Vice Chair

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Rosa Navarrete is a Peruvian immigrant and Los Angeles based writer/director and performing artist who works on independent film and theater projects. She is a graduate of University of California, Berkeley & Inner-City Filmmakers – a nonprofit film school where she received training in film and television production. Additional training includes Undoing Racism workshops led by The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond ( and Los Angeles County Arts Ed Collective Program – The Art of Leadership: From Individual Voice to Collective Impact (2020).


Recognitions include short film “Matriarchy” at The Schwules Museum in Berlin (2018), Winner of Best Screendance film for “A’we Deh Ya” (2022), 1st place winner for the CBS Leadership Pipeline Challenge for short film “In Tune” (2022), and “Sippin’” short film winning Spirit of the Festival Award at the Latina Independent Film Extravaganza Festival (2023). Rosa advocates for immigrant rights through an arts collective called #ArtistsEnAcción; where funds are raised for the Refugee Children Center. She serves on the Casa 0101 Theater Board & supports Empowering Leadership In Latina Athletes.

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