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Each April, the Kennedy Center welcomes about 125 outstanding theater students to the KCACTF National Festival. Student awardees in design, performance, directing, playwriting, stage management, dramaturgy, arts leadership, and theatre criticism, are invited from all eight Regions. 

Through master classes, presentations, conversations, and staged readings, students learn from and connect with established theatre artists, as well as their peers from across the country.

The next National Festival is scheduled to take place the week of April 21, 2024 


The distinguished playwright and screenwriter Michael Kanin (1910 - 1993) arranged for a remarkable series of awards to be given to student writers whose plays are entered as part of the festival. The purpose of the program is to encourage college students to write for the stage by providing the opportunity for them to engage in the playwriting process.

Follow the link below for more information regarding National submission dates, guidelines, and award information.

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